Reflections are how your team will communicate, align, and update their goals. Choosing the right schedule can make it easier for your team to build the habit of reflection to shorten meeting times and improve collaboration. Choose bi-weekly or weekly, and set the day new reflections become available.

Set your frequency

Teams that utilize two-week sprints can use reflections to both do their sprint retros and update their goals. To set your frequency, go to the Reflection schedule section of your team settings:

Then click Edit to change your reflection schedule:

If you change to bi-weekly reflections, you'll be asked to choose when you'd like to start your reflections:

Change your schedule

In addition to changing from weekly to bi-weekly, you can also choose when your want your team to be able to fill out their reflections. Set your reflection period to choose the working week your team will be asked to reflect on (for example, if you work Monday through Friday, start your reflection period on Monday. If you work Sunday to Thursday, choose Sunday). You can also set when you want to notify your team to fill out reflections. We recommend giving your team some additional time to fill them out, so if you plan on discussing your reflections on your Monday afternoon team meeting, you should notify your team on Friday afternoon.

Note: If your notifications aren't as you desire after updating these settings, your team may be set in the wrong time zone! For step-by-step instructions on how to check and update your time zone settings, click here.

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