Koan offers a wide range of integrations to help you produce your best work, from Slack check-ins to staying up to date on your team's latest reflections with Microsoft Teams. The goal of this guide is to provide an overview of all of our integrations in one place.

Integrate Koan with Microsoft Teams

Connect Koan to MS Teams to stay up to date on your team's most recent reflections. This integration enables employees to stay focused on the tasks that are most important to them without leaving MS Teams. Build positive team habits of sharing status, recognizing wins, and identifying concerns early on, raising the bar for everyone else.

We'll notify you in your MS Teams channel when:

  • It is now time to finish your reflection.

  • Your teammates have shared their reflections.

Learn more about setting up Microsoft Teams here.

Integrate Koan with Salesforce

You can integrate Koan with Salesforce to have your goals updated automatically. Set up a Zapier integration with the following to begin streaming metrics such as Closed/Won deals or the number of new accounts added to your pipeline:

To send data to Koan, you can use one of four Zapier triggers:

  • Updated field on record (when a specific field is updated)

  • New record (when a new record is created)

  • Updated record (when any field on an existing record is updated)

  • New outbound record (when an outbound record is created)

Learn more about setting up Salesforce here.

Integrate Koan with Slack

Connect Koan to Slack to stay looped in on your team's latest progress. We'll let you know when:

  • Your teammates post weekly reflections.

  • Goals are set or adjusted.

  • New check-ins become available.

Learn more about setting up Slack here.

Integrate Koan with Jira

Pull your tasks into your reflections with our Jira integration. Connect Koan to Jira and add your tasks into your reflection and close the loop on the important work you're doing towards your goals. With the Jira integration:

  • You'll see the tickets you're assigned to next to your reflection question.

  • Add tickets into your reflection by clicking on the down arrow next to the ticket and choosing which section to add it to.

Learn more about setting up Jira here.

Integrate Koan with Zapier

Koan integrates seamlessly with Zapier to automate metric updates with data from thousands of apps and services. It's a great way to give your team the context they need to share accurate confidence ratings in their updates.

To connect Koan to Zapier, you'll need:

Learn more about setting up Zapier here.

Integrate Koan with Looker

Looker is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that organizations use for unifying data collection and reporting of business metrics. You can use the Looker integration for Koan to automatically update Key Result metrics.

Learn more about setting up Looker here.

Building a Custom API Integration

Our public API allows your service and third party-services (like Zapier) to retrieve and update data in Koan.

Access to Koan's Public API requires creating an API key for your user account. Once you have created your API key, you can use it to authorize third-party applications or API requests.

Learn more about setting up your API key here.

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