Upon migrating your Koan account to Quantive (formerly Gtmhub), your OKR and work-in-progress data will be transferred. This will include:

  1. Goals: active and archived

  2. Alignment: existing goal alignment and ownership

  3. Reflections

  4. All users

  5. All teams

After migration, your Koan account will then be closed without the ability to reopen.

Finding Migrated Goals in Quantive

  1. During migration, you will see this loading screen. An email will be sent once the migration is complete with the link to log in to your new Quantive account.

  2. After logging into Quantive, navigate to "OKRs > All Sessions" to access your goals. You will see two Sessions. One for all your active goals, and one for any goals you had archived in Koan.

  3. Click the Active goal session to view all your goals across your teams. Any alignment you had in Koan will be represented in Quantive's Alignment tree.

  4. To find goals specific to a team, use the "Filters" to search by Objective owner and select the team.

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