Objectives can be linked to parent Objectives in other teams for better visibility around how goals are related and to create alignment across your organization.

When creating or editing an Objective, use the "Link to a parent objective" option to search and choose a parent Objective:

When an Objective is linked to one or more parents, you'll see an icon next to the Objective's name that displays aligned parent Objectives:

If an Objective has child Objectives that are linked to it, those will be displayed below its Key Results:


Should all Objectives be linked together in parent/child relationships?
Generally speaking, no! A strict hierarchical (tree structure) of Objectives and Key Results across your whole organization is simply too rigid in most cases. Even worse, it can force a "cascading" goal-setting process that is time-consuming and frustrating for everyone involved. Instead, try setting a few key top-level Objectives and then let each team use those Objectives as inspiration when setting their own. In the cases where goals are directly aligned, link them! There will be many other cases where teams are working on important goals that aren't directly related to the company's top-level goals -- find and encourage the right balance of behaviors and don't worry about making a perfect tree of goals!  

How can I create top-level company/organization goals?
Goals always live inside individual team. In many cases, your company-wide goals might live in an Executive team. In other cases, each department might own and be accountable to one of your top-level goals. Use the Company Page feature to highlight the key goals for the whole organization.

Can Objectives in a single team be linked?
Currently, no! Parent Objectives can only be set from other teams. This is to keep things simple, but maybe there's a valid use-case for this we haven't thought of?! Let us know!

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